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Guidelines for Authors

Authors upload papers/manuscripts that first go through a review process: The length of the paper should be from 4 to 6 full pages, including the paper title, authors and affiliations, figures and references. Manuscripts must be prepared in English language in the Elektro (IEEE standard) two-column conference format (A4) using the template-Elektro.

Please be advised that every publication submitted to the ELEKTRO 2020 conference will be checked for plagiarism. Conference organizer is obliged to reject papers which did not pass the check or papers authored or co-authored by authors on the Prohibited Author List.

Instructions for authors for uploading the final/IEEE Xplore compliant paper after the acceptance announcement (that is, after the review process):

Publishing IEEE Xplore compliant paper requires 5 steps:

  1. Provide a transfer of the copyright to IEEE using eCopyrightForm portal.
  2. After the paper acceptance announcement, prepare the paper according to the conference template either in DOC, DOCX or PDF file format.
  3. Check the file using PDF eXpress online service on
  4. Submit the paper via ELEKTRO2020 website.
  5. Submit the Confirmation about the fee payment (in PDF format).


Ad 1) Papers presented at the ELEKTRO 2020 conference will be submitted for publishing in IEEE Xplore. Therefore, Copyright must be transferred to IEEE.

Ad 2) To prepare IEEE Xplore compliant file, please follow these instructions:(In Microsoft Word 2007 and higher)

For more information please read instructions at the bottom of this page.

Ad 3) Use PDF-eXpress to check your PDF or to convert your DOC/DOCX paper. To use PDF eXpress service, please visit and follow instructions online, or in PDF_eXpress_manual.pdf using "49696XP" Conference ID.

  1. Sign in or log in with existing credentials.
  2. Create a new title
  3. Enter Paper Information
  4. Submit file for Checking or Converting
  5. Select your file from disk and click Upload
  6. Recieve an e-mail with Conversion confirmaiton (Subject: IEEE PDF eXpress Site Services: New PDF is ready (PaperID XXXXXXX)
  7. Check the layout of the file (charts, tables, pictures, equations, special characters)

You will receive your final paper in PDF compliant format by e-mail. Please make a note about Paper ID (i.e. Paper ID: 2342135, PDFeXpID2342135 or PID2342135) that will be included in the reply e-mail (or you can find PID in your PDF eXpress system). If the paper is converted from other formats (DOC, DOCX, etc.), check the PDF for pictures and equations appearance. The whole process takes about one hour.

If there is a caution, please follow details in the e-mail and try again by clicking "Try again" link in PDF eXpress system. The common issue is that there are hyperlinks in your document (in references or author e-mails).

Ad 4) Upload the file checked or converted by PDF eXpress via ELEKTRO website (the same way you uploaded the first version of the paper). You will be requested to enter the paper ID (PID) obtained with the PDF check e-mail.

Ad 5) Upload the Confirmation about fee payment file in PDF format (no special format requirements).


PDF Specifications and instructions for other text editors:
Create PDF file compatible with PDF version 1.6 (Acrobat 7) and with following requirements:

  1. Be PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5) or later but not Acrobat 9.
  2. Must be created with a PDF distiller. Scanning is not permitted.
  3. Embeds or subsets all fonts. Doing so helps makes sure that the mathematics appears as intended and improves text searching in the PDF.
    Please note some TrueType fonts have a setting added by the font designer that prevents the font from being embedded and should be avoided.
  4. Does not have a password or other security settings.
  5. Does not contain any bookmarks or links. Links are supported now only by using a summary.txt, readme file, and a packing list. They appear in the IEEE XploreR TOC as multimedia.
  6. Does not contain crop marks, registration marks, date stamp, time stamp, or any other mark that does not appear in the official version of the publication.
  7. Does not contain any PostScript that overrides the settings file.
  8. Does not use PDF attachments.
  9. Does not consist of a PDF Package or Merged PDF, a PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 8) feature.

Scanning is not allowed!

For more information please refer to the PDF Specification for IEEE XploreR document, version 4.12